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Friday, December 14, 2012

Branches and parcel delivery profits create letter losses..

Branches and parcel delivery profits create letter losses..

According to Royal Mail  price rises and job cuts bear fruits.

Focus given on cutting cost , only service on 6 days a week.

According to Royal Mail first half operation earnings trebled due to the increased profit from their branches and parcel delivery operations offset continuous fall by letter delivery. The postal operating company owned by Govt and planning to privatize created profit from 22 million pounds to 67 mp in a year.

By applying necessary steps - increase in price and cost control steps - Royal Mail was able to survive financial crisis , said Moya Greene ,CEO.The results are pouring in , but there are still more work to be done.

Royal Mail delivers 59 million items daily to 29 million British customers , told losses during operations on parcels and letters fell from 55 million to 41 million pounds in a year. This improvement shows the  price hike of a first class parcel from 41 pence to 46 pence.

The loss was compensated by 58 m pound profit of Royal Mall's British express parcels GLS and another 55 million pound generated from post office network. During the process of job cuts , Royal Mail cutoff 5000 workers in last 12 months,  of which around 2000 from head office.

Conditions of trading will always be challenging and hence we have to find out more cost cutting methods by sticking to deliveries on all days excluding Sunday. Royal Mail made  a loss of 120 million pound on letter business in last year. But Ofcom , industry regulator , proposed that they are able to charge whatever amount they want on their first class category of stamps in future.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Massive UPS, DHL Investments Boost German Logistics industry

Massive UPS, DHL Investments Boost German Logistics industry
German logistic infrastructure has got a boost with two giants in different field, have come forwarded to invest in the country to enhance their respective businesses.
In a bid to expand its service in Germany, Deutsche Post (DHL) has geared up to invest around one billion dollars in its German parcel delivery infrastructure, while UPS declared the investment of 200 million dollar in European air hub located in the suburbs of Cologne. These two investments confirm Germany’s tag as the hub of European Logistic.
The representative of Germany Trade and Invest will participate in this year’s Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals’ yearly meeting to be held from October 2 to 5 at Philadelphia. The program will discuss about the scope of business and investment in Germany.
“Germany, having been placed in the middle of Europe, is identified as the best place for the companies to frequently transport goods to western and eastern part of Europe. However the trump card of the country is its infrastructure and the size of the market,” says parcel delivery industry expert David Chasdi from Berlin.
 The investment of UPS in Germany is the firm’s biggest ever in Europe, while this turns out to be the biggest investment ever since 1990 for DHL, which is aiming to accelerate the delivery of the packages. These investment clearly shows the Germany’s quick growth in e-commerce. In terms of the revenue generated annually, Germany’s parcel delivery industry is Europe’s largest one. Besides, Germany is ranked second in infrastructure after Hong Kong by World Economic Forum

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Green parcel delivery

GLS Germany has launched a new “green” parcel delivery service with accordance to the campaign. The service seeks to lessen the carbon footprint of its logistics infrastructure at par with responding to a growing number of customers who demand a climate-neutral shipping service.
The innovative service is provided for a 5-cent premium for domestic parcel delivery and 10-cent charge for destinations in Europe. The proceeds from this service will be directed towards certified rainforest restoration projects. GLS stated that planting a hectare of trees would absorb 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. By this initiative customers can make an active contribution towards safeguarding the environment while shipping explained Klaus Conrad, managing director at GLS Germany.
The truth is when goods are transported, irrespective of which route they travel, emissions are a certainty and can’t be avoided at the moment.
In the commercial aspect of this service, businesses that make use of it will be entitled to make use of a special logo on their websites linking to information about the initiative. Those who ship more than 1000 packages a year will receive a special certificate.
On the consumer’s realm, customers will be able to use special shipping labels to flag up packages as green shipments. This is done so that the sender can show their customers that they are committed to sustainable shipping.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cheap courier services, Parcel Delivery, Couriers UK

Cheap courier services, Parcel Delivery, Couriers UK
A new survey has brought light upon the situation where companies have been charging more to have goods which are purchased online to be delivered to the Highlands than other parts of the UK. The trading standards team on the Highland Council plans to gather examples from residents. Upon investigation by officers it was found out that people in remote areas faced expensive parcel delivery costs. Senior councillor John Laing stated that Internet companies must maintain honesty and openness if they are to do business with customers in the north. Internet parcel delivery costs have been a long running matter of concern. According to Orkney and Shetland MP Alistair Carmichael some firms have refused to deliver to island residents. He urged the government to deal with the problems and the challenges it poses.
Two years later Mr. Carmichael and other Liberal Democrats accused mail order companies of "excessive and discriminatory" parcel delivery charges. This led to the passing of a parliamentary motion, which contained their criticism in the House of Commons.
Danny Alexander stated that people were being told that it would cost double the regular rate in case delivery was to be made in other areas.
After the launch of the new survey Highland Council trading standards stated that presently, it was impossible to control what businesses were charging for delivery. But the team said accuracy of any statements made about the charges, the clarity of those charges and at what point during the online purchase process the charges were made clear were subject to legal controls. Mr. Laing, chairman of the Highland's Tec services committee felt that it was the Council’s duty to regulate and ensure that laws protecting online buyers are adhered to and not flouted. He further stated that if companies were to sell products to Highland residents they should do so in an open and honest manner
He added: "This project is the latest stage in our ongoing efforts to protect internet buyers in Highland and I would urge people to take part in the survey."
It is against the law to hide or postpone in an internet transaction the fact that additional charges apply. Furthermore retailers need to make it clear about what charges apply before a consumer proceeds to checkout.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Courier services and Parcel delivery Auction site Auctigo.com

Auctigo.com is a UK based internet auction site aimed to give economic Parcel delivery  to customers. The site works on a reverse auction concept. Auctigo helps to find loads for vehicles travelling on a specific route with empty or part loads. It benefits the customers to obtain the best quote for their consignment.Auctigo effectively uses the unused vehicle spaces and helps the Courier services and Parcel delivery companies to find back loads. This reduces the co2 emission and helps to keep a greener environment .Conventionally Parcel delivery companies operate their vehicles on a predefined route and return to their origin with an empty or part filled vehicle. At Auctigo customers who want to transport a certain item make a free listing of that item on Auctigo.com with pickup and delivery location.Many parcel delivery and Courier services , who operate in this route bid on this shipment on a reverse auction format. The customer will choose the most appropriate bid depends on the reputation and the cheap price. Feedback score given on the site helps the customers to measure the reputation of parcel delivery companies. Registration is free for both Courier services and customers. When a customer accepts a bid, the parcel delivery  company has to pay a transaction charge ranging from 2.5 %to 9.9% with a minimum of £5.Currently, Auctigo is covering the entire Europe specifically focusing on UK market. The company is having a future plan for extending in its operation in emerging Asian markets like China and India. Presently Auctigo is functioning in entire Europe with main focus on UK mainland and Ireland .Auctigo is well received by the UK market, and it is growing with a substantial strength.Auctigo pledges to reduce the co2 and lower the traffic congestions. Auctigo helps to eliminate dead miles by filling the vehicle running without any return loads. This is a major help for the parcel delivery and Courier services companies, also for the customers. Each day the number of parcel delivery companies operating on Britain’s roads is more than thousands. Auctigo.com helps these Courier services to find an additional load to their vehicles, so that they will run as full as possible. This in turn produces a Green Courier services. This method reduces the total number of vans running ,since customers loading their shipment on the fleets already travelling on a particular route. The Courier services and transport companies registered with Auctigo are on the TerraPass  Carbon offset scheme. This scheme helps the firm to offset the carbon from the journey. This makes each delivery more greener.

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